eXP Career Development Program

The eXP program puts our employees at the center, allowing them to explore career development paths through access to business education, mentors and experts across Orbia. The eXP program is anchored around two team-based, six-month project assignments that offer participants the opportunity to tackle real and relevant business challenges and engage in hands-on experiences steering projects of strategic importance, ensuring program participants emerge ready to lead Orbia into the future.

Program Pillars

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Participants will engage in online coursework over two semesters to enhance their leadership skills.

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Participants will steer two six-month projects that address complex and relevant business challenges.



Participants will have the opportunity to learn from and among Orbia’s senior leaders, mentors and subject matter experts.

Meet Rachel

Regulatory Affairs/Sustainability Specialist, Vestolit

As a participant in Orbia’s 2020-2021 exp Career Development Program, Rachel is eager to continue learning and growing her career through the program’s networking and curriculum.

“The exp Program has allowed me to access a wealth of knowledge outside of my business group. Working with colleagues across Orbia has expanded my understanding of how other business groups run. I am able to utilize these connections and learn best practices and skills from others, leaning on them for support. Being placed with a project that is outside of my typical job responsibilities has taught me to expand on my patience, as well as my organizational skills.”

“I implore those who have a thirst for knowledge to apply to the exp Program. There is no shortage of information or persons who can assist you in bettering yourself to lead Orbia into the future.” 

Meet Mateusz

Audit Leader, Orbia

Understanding business processes, finding opportunities and learning about other perspectives is what drives Mateusz, who is on Orbia’s Internal Audit team and a participant in the 2020-2021 exp Career Development Program.

“I am involved in the Compass LATAM project, which will provide visibility, understanding and control of business processes within Wavin LATAM. I also spend time on Orbia’s New Leader Program, led by Harvard Business Publishing, to develop a leadership mindset and personal adaptability.”

“The exp Program offers a lot of opportunities to develop and unleash potential. We are usually so busy with current activities that it’s hard to find time to develop the necessary skills to proceed with a career and feel fulfilled in your job. I am happy that I can be a part of this program despite the pandemic and lack of possibility to travel, and that Orbia invests in people development.”