Innovation is a core part of our culture. We aim to establish an environment in which innovation can systematically be fostered and integrated into everything we do.

Our innovation efforts primarily come to life in two ways: ventures and partnerships. We prioritize a human-centered approach to each, looking for new ideas that help communities be more resilient and future-fit.

As a purpose-driven organization, innovation plays a crucial part in satisfying the first two words of our promise: “advance life.”

Orbia Ventures

Our corporate venture capital fund (CVC) is the vehicle through which we invest in startups. It enables us to leverage and nurture cutting-edge technology from the outside. We’re focused on innovative technologies that influence the following domains: precision agriculture, building and infrastructure, fluorine-based products and technologies, polymer solutions, and data communications.

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Startup Partnerships

We don’t believe investment is our only path to partnership. The culture and velocity of a startup are completely different than of a big organization. That’s why we’ve built a dedicated team and the required processes to try and overcome those challenges and make more mutually beneficial startup partnerships possible.

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Questions About Innovation

Curious about how we work with innovators, partners, and startups? Reach out to learn more.

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