Business Groups

Orbia exists to support its community of businesses and empower their employees to pursue big, systemic solutions. All of us are more capable together, and nothing makes us prouder than celebrating and championing the companies that bring our purpose to life.

We measure Orbia as a sum of its parts—our logo changes based on the performance of the whole. So while each business group plays its own crucial role in addressing global challenges, it’s all the synergies and opportunities for collaboration between them that most excite us about the future.  

Business Groups

Precision Agriculture
The Precision Agriculture group helps the world grow more with less. It enables farmers to get higher and better-quality yields while using less water, fertilizer, and other inputs. With a focus on irrigation systems, services, and digital farming technologies, farmers worldwide are feeding the planet more efficiently thanks to these efforts.
Building & Infrastructure
The Building and Infrastructure group is redefining today’s pipe industry by creating innovative, durable solutions that last longer and require less construction to install. Serving customers in five continents, this group is also innovating new, sustainable technologies around water collection and management and heating and cooling systems, as well as a revolutionary new road surface.
Fluorinated Solutions
The Fluorinated Solutions group provides fluorine-based products, technologies, and other material applications that support modern living in a vast number of ways. With two operational fluorine mines and a robust material science knowledge, this group creates chemicals and propellants that serve a wide array of industries including health and medicine, construction, transportation, and more.


Data Communication
The Data Communication group operates under the belief that every company, every community, and every person around the world deserves a chance to make the most of modern technology. It produces more than 400 million meters of cable conduit yearly to create the physical pathways that fiber and other technologies utilize to connect cities and homes.
Polymer Solutions
The Polymer Solutions group is as adaptable and dynamic as the materials it produces. It focuses largely on PVC and other vinyl polymers with a wide variety of applications including pipes, cables, flooring, auto parts, household appliances, clothing, packaging, and multiple medical devices.

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