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Here at Orbia, we welcome purpose-driven, owner-minded candidates seeking to make a difference through their work and in the world. As embracing diversity is one of our values, we focus on providing a fair and equitable hiring process that allows us to assess candidates based on their experience, skills and potential. For those who join our team, we offer a full spectrum of development opportunities for those passionate about bringing our purpose to advance life around the world to life.

Steps to Orbia


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See where your skills and experience fit.




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Showcase your qualifications and ask great questions.



Can I apply to multiple jobs at Orbia?

You can—always make sure that your qualifications match the job requirements. However, to get the best candidate experience and ensure you are not duplicating efforts, we recommend applying for a maximum of 3 roles within a 12-month window.

How quickly will I hear back as to the status of my application?

Within 2 − 3 weeks of submitting your application, if there is interest in your application for a role, a Talent Acquisition Specialist will contact you as to the status of your submission and next steps.

Do I need to have a science or engineering background to work at Orbia?

We have all kinds of opportunities at Orbia! Learn more about our non-technical roles here.

Who will I meet if I am selected for an interview at Orbia?

Congratulations on being selected for an interview! Our team is looking forward to getting to know you. On your journey, you will be engaging with the following team members:

  • Talent Acquisition Specialist:
    Your Talent Acquisition Specialist will guide you through the interview process and answer any questions you may have.

  • Talent Acquisition Coordinator:
    Your Talent Acquisition Coordinator or your Talent Acquisition Specialist will help you with scheduling and interview-related logistics.

  • Interviewer:
    You will likely meet with several different interviewers related to the role you applied for. These commonly include your hiring manager, team leader, future peers and any key stakeholders.
How can I prepare for an interview?

We are glad you asked! The following five recommendations will help you prepare for the interview process at Orbia.


Get to know Orbia.

Be able to articulate who we are, what we do and why you are interested in joining us in a one-minute pitch or less. Some good resources include Our Purpose, Our Business Groups, History, Newsroom and Challenges We Address.


Tell us about your experiences.

We want to hear about your experience as part of a team, how you’ve adapted to changes and complexity, and how you take responsibility for steering problem-solving, innovation and impact. In other words, be prepared with examples to answer the question, “Tell us about a time when…”


Talk to us about purpose and values.

We are driven by purpose and unified by our values. Being brave, taking responsibility and embracing diversity as we seek to advance life around the world are the best ways to succeed at Orbia. Be ready to talk about why purpose and values are important to you and share where you find purpose.


Show us your passion.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? What kind of impact do you seek to have in the world and for the world? How do your goals align with Orbia’s purpose? We want to hear about what inspires you and what will inspire your colleagues and leaders at Orbia.


Challenge us too!

Be brave and ask us questions: the more thought-provoking, the better! We love curious people and are excited to help you learn more about Orbia as we learn more about you.

What if I need an accommodation for my interview?

If you need assistance or require an accommodation due to a disability during the application or recruiting process, please reach out to with your request.

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