The 2023 Purpose Comes to Life Awards

In 2023, we put words to Orbia’s employer value proposition as the place where purpose comes to life. Our inaugural Orbia Purpose Comes to Life Awards program celebrated people and projects across Orbia’s global community that exemplified bringing purpose to life.

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Deb Butters
Chief People Officer, Orbia

“For me, the common thread this year has been witnessing the power of one Orbia: the creativity that happens when we convene across businesses and functions, perspectives and backgrounds, languages and locations intent on bringing purpose to life.

What we can achieve together for business and global impact is truly amazing. It shows us that even when confronting the toughest challenges, we have all that we need to keep going in who we are, how we work and what we value together.”

Each day, we show up as champions for our values, owner-minded operators and transformational leaders at all levels so we can continue to do what we do best:
solve the challenges of our day and advance life together.

The Orbia leadership team recognized our first Orbia Purpose Comes to Life award-winning teams
for their work driving results in and for the world across 10 different categories:




2023 Orbia Purpose Comes to Life Awards

Innovation in Food Security

The team selected for this award achieved the successful implementation of Orbia Precision Agriculture’s offering for extensive crops in China to help farmers grow more with less and advance life together. The team generated double-digit growth over the last three years, instilled record demand for the Streamline X product for the 2024 season and created a positive growth horizon for the next three years.

Congratulations to the Orbia Precision Agriculture (Netafim) Extensive Crop Team in China:

  • Abed Masarwa, Vice President
  • Andy Nie, Managing Director, China
  • Dennis Zhu, MD, Business Assistant, China
  • Eileen Xie, Technical/Productor, China
  • Elad Levi, Senior Vice President for APAC
  • Feng Gong, Regional Manager, China
  • Leo Xie, Marketing Director, China
  • Owen Song, Agronomy Director, China
  • Tingkai Ding, Regional Manager, East China
  • Yanfeng Zhou, Regional Manager, China
Watch Andy Nie accept this award on behalf of his Precision Agriculture (Netafim) team.

“This team has dedicated themselves to helping extensive crop farmers grow more with less and bring Orbia’s purpose to life. These team members have been working around the clock with a passion to design solutions for extensive crops, present them to government officials and customers, guide customers in the use of our system as well as experience the joy of harvest together with customers.”

Gaby Miodownik

Executive Vice President and President,
Orbia Precision Agriculture (Netafim)

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