From the way we operate in line with the highest standards, to how our solutions contribute to addressing current pressing challenges and the way we direct our investments to make a long-term positive impact, we believe that advancing solutions to enhance the quality of life around the world delivers business success as well as social and economic value for all those connected directly and indirectly to our activities. Our purpose-led focus on addressing the world’s most pressing challenges drives our business agenda and our strategic approach to sustainability.

Since 2018, Orbia is committed to upholding the principles promoted by the UN Global Compact from Human Rights to environmental responsibilities across our value chain.

Sustainability Documents

2023 Impact Report

Orbia’s identity as a purpose-driven company is reflected in a growth strategy anchored in sustainability. This is Orbia’s 2023 Impact Report detailing the company’s annual business performance and its 15th annual sustainability disclosure, covering the company’s commitments to people, the planet and our role in driving a thriving, net-zero world.

Climate Risk & Opportunity Assessment
2023 Double Materiality Assessment
Sustainability-Linked Bond


Orbia’s Sustainability Goals

We have defined a set of ambitious sustainability goals to 2025, 2030 and 2050 in diverse impact areas covering climate change, air emissions, environmental and waste management, and safety. Also, Orbia has issued Sustainability-Linked Bonds, linked to our SOx emissions reduction target.


Climate Action

We have defined our Climate Action framework based on our understanding of our physical and transitional climate change risks and opportunities, in line with TCFD recommendations. Our Climate Action pillars drive practical actions embedded in our innovation, manufacturing, distribution and life-cycle approach.

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Water Stewardship

We are committed to Water Stewardship by joining the UN CEO Water Mandate and the Open Call to Accelerate Water Action, promoting the responsible use of water in the places we operate. Orbia is also a longtime supporter of Water Funds, which promote water security in Latin America through watershed-level action.

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Collective Action for Sustainability and Responsible Business

UN7MSC1999.png Orbia endorses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nation and condemns all forms of human rights abuse, as stated in our Human Rights Policy
UN-global-compact-white.png Orbia became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact in 2018, committing to uphold and promote UNGC principles within our spheres on influence. 
SDGs support.png Orbia's products and solutions support multiple industries including construction, infrastructure, agriculture, health, transportation, data communications, energy and petrochemicals. Many of these industries are essential for daily life and one of the ways in which we demonstrate our commitment and contributions to the UN SDGs
UNGC-Fordward-Faster-Logo_01.png Orbia is one of the companies taking action in the UN-sponsored Forward Faster, a global initiative to guide companies in making a significant and positive impact by 2023, particularly with regard to the Water Resilience target. 

Orbia's Sustainable Solutions Report

Orbia’s business groups provide products and solutions that support multiple industries including construction, infrastructure, agriculture, health, transportation, data communications, energy and petrochemicals. Many of these industries are essential for daily life, and one of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to global impact is through direct and indirect contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).


ESG Indices & External Recognition

Orbia is proud to be recognized for our sustainability efforts and achievements, as we continue to strive for excellence. The following page includes some of our key distinctions to date.


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