Orbia Ventures Invests in and Partners with Startups that Aspire to Advance Life around the World

Orbia is a community of companies bound by a shared purpose: to advance life around the world. We believe that by taking a collaborative, human-centered approach we can create a better future, focusing on food growth, water management, infrastructure development, data access and health advancement.

We are passionate about working in collaboration with startups who share our vision and introduce cutting edge innovation and smart technology solutions. Together, we can address the world's biggest challenges and help communities be more resilient and future-fit.

Why collaborate with Orbia?

Reach global

We’re a $7B global multinational that is passionate about solving the world’s biggest challenges. We are a large enterprise that has built a dedicated innovation team with a culture that works at the speed of our startups.

Orbia operates across 50 countries, with sales in over 100 countries, 22,000 employees, 136 production plants, 19 R&D labs, and 8 training academies.

And finally, we have an ecosystem of innovation activities designed to accelerate success for Orbia and the startups with whom we work. 




Scale with
a purpose

Our purpose is not a poster on the wall. Being purpose-driven is at the core of who we are.

Imagine what might be possible, if we all work together to help propel our planet forward. If we continuously challenge the way the world’s resources reach more people.

We believe that pursuing the world’s biggest challenges requires a collaborative approach, and we invite you to join us in that journey.





Learn from top-notch domain experts

Our teams have been at the forefront of their industries. With deep expertise in Precision Agriculture, Building & Infrastructure, Data Communication and Chemicals, Orbia can provide your startup valuable feedback on your path to product-market fit.








The startups we love to partner with:

  • Address a global challenge that is within our focus areas
  • Offer a unique technology or product with proven feasibility
  • Preferably post-seed investment
  • Ready to scale and looking for a strategic partner

Focus Areas

& Food-Tech
Building &
Smart Cities
& Circular
Energy Storage

How we collaborate with startups?

Investing in startups

We invest in startups with innovative technology or solutions in one of our focus areas. We would love to meet startups that have a clear vision and a great team, and who are interested in raising A/B/C rounds.

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Partnering with startups

We partner with promising startups with a validated go-to-market approach, providing them access to our expertise, resources and global network in order to introduce customer-centric solutions at a global scale.

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