Advance life around the world.

We are bound together in our drive to deliver essentials that positively change the way people experience everyday life, work and the world. We are our best customers. Our children and theirs are our best customers too. We exist for reasons that go far beyond profit, and we all deserve to enjoy life on a more liveable, lovable planet.

These five words keep us connected to people’s experience on our communal planet and inspire us to propel our cities and systems forward. Over time, we have confidence that our businesses will continue to grow successful as their efforts grow more positively impactful.

That’s how our purpose statement becomes more than just words on a wall. We treat it as a promise we’ve made to ourselves, our shareholders, and all the people we serve across the globe.

As the world changes it affects us all. And when we change, it affects the world. These changes create global challenges and corporate accountabilities, all of which are so much larger than a quarterly earnings report. We recognize that our global presence comes with a global responsibility. We crafted our purpose to drive our decision making. It exists to help us measure the merits of our businesses by more than just profits.

That is why we commit ourselves to advance life around the world.

Our ImpactMark

The world is constantly evolving. As a company committed to advancing life around the world, we have a responsibility to remain adaptable and in tune with the world and what people around it need. A lot of companies make promises to serve global needs. We’ve chosen to build our entire identity around our purpose and journey to fulfill it, with the foundational elements of our name, logo and visual elements reflecting our purpose-driven path.


Our Values

If purpose is our direction, values are how we get there. Our three values are how purpose manifests into attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. They shape the way we all do our jobs, thus shaping the way Orbia shows up in the world.


Be Brave

Our fears can’t hold us back. In order to venture into the unknown, we need to move forward with curiosity and the ambition to create a better world.


Take Responsibility

Our actions have impact. We hold ourselves to the highest levels of accountability, never forgetting the ripple effect we have on others and the world.


Embrace Diversity

Every voice matters. Every community deserves respect. Every challenge has an opportunity, and united by empathy, we are stronger for our different perspectives.