Corporate Governance

At Orbia, we’ve adopted strong corporate governance practices that reflect our commitment to the highest standards of corporate ethics, diversity, and compliance. This framework is designed to guide the people who determine the present and the future of our company. It’s how we lay out the mechanisms for achieving our strategic plan, while ensuring full legal and regulatory compliance. Here you'll find the guidelines that determine the rights and responsibilities of the shareholders meeting, the board of directors and its committees, and the CEO.

A Message from our Chairman

“Together, we are building a company that has the capacity and the will to address some of the world’s greatest challenges in ways that will benefit all our stakeholders.”

- Juan Pablo del Valle, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Governance Highlights

At Orbia, we don’t make idle commitments when it comes to corporate governance; we believe in putting our shareholders’ interests first. That is why our environmental, social and governance policies are greatly determined by our investors.

As it stands, 55.51% of Orbia is owned by a controlling group and other related investors. Today, 25% of Orbia's board directors are women and around 66.67% of Orbia's board directors are independent.



Board of Directors' Experience 

Board of Directors



Governance Committee

Advises and assists the Board of Directors in overseeing governance, talent, compensation and performance matters, as well as supervising Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability, Health, Safety & Environment strategies and practices.

Maria Teresa Arnal

Juan Pablo del Valle Perochena
Mihir Desai
Divo Milan Haddad



Audit Committee

Assists the Board in appointing and overseeing the performance of the Company’s independent auditors and ensuring the integrity of the Company’s financial statements; evaluating and overseeing the performance of the Company’s internal controls and internal audit function, among other related duties. This Committee also monitors the Company’s major risk exposures.

Mark Rajkowski

Maria Teresa Arnal
Alma Rosa Moreno Razo
Mihir Desai



Finance Committee

Supports the Board of Directors in monitoring and overseeing the Company’s capital structure, capital allocation strategy, financial policies and management of financial risks, cash flow plans, dividend policy, the incurrence of debt and investment strategy (including material mergers, acquisitions and divestitures).

Guillermo Ortiz Martínez

Antonio del Valle Perochena
Francisco Javier del Valle Perochena
María de Guadalupe del Valle Perochena
Jack Goldstein Ring
Divo Milan Haddad



Annual General Meetings

Corporate Documents

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics reflects the professional spirit in which we at Orbia conduct ourselves and our business. The principles and policies apply to all Orbia employees, as well as our suppliers and customers, so we want to ensure that they understand and embrace our Code of Ethics.

Corporate Governance Guidelines
Executive Compensation Structure

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