Our ImpactMark

The world’s needs are constantly changing, and as an organization committed to advancing life, we have a responsibility to remain adaptable and in tune with them. Our brand is therefore predicated on doing things differently. So instead of creating a logomark, we’ve created an ImpactMark.

Our ImpactMark is more than an innovative “living” logo mark—it is a visual representation of our purpose-driven performance year-on-year. Our ImpactMark reflects Orbia’s commitment to advance life around the world by marking our progress on six key performance indicators related to the themes of people, planet, and profit. We update our ImpactMark annually to reflect our progress over three-year cycles, with the outermost ring representing the most recent year.

Every year, we keep striving towards a more perfect circle, and while we know that we will never achieve perfection, we know too that the journey is important.