Our ImpactMark

The world’s needs are constantly changing. As an organization committed to advancing life, we have a responsibility to remain adaptable and in tune with them. Our brand is therefore predicated on doing things differently. So instead of creating a logomark, we’ve created an ImpactMark.

The ImpactMark puts our long-term commitment to people, planet, and profit front and center. Why? Simply because we believe in the power of transparency to inspire examination and jumpstart progress. In the words of Max Planck, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

In order to change as a company, we’re starting with changing the way we look at things. Our ImpactMark will be updated every year with our performance on six key performance indicators relevant to the triple bottom line impact we seek. Its three rings represent the past three years and as we do better, the rings will expand outward.

We will keep striving towards a more perfect circle. And while we know that we will never achieve perfection, we know too that the journey is important.