Expand Your Horizons: Zero Carbon Measurement and a Net Zero World by 2050

by Orbia Innovation | Mar 22, 2023

About this episode

Orbia Ventures recently invested in Chloris Geospatial, a leading technology company that provides data for the measurement and ongoing tracking of forest carbon anywhere on Earth. Comprehensive conservation and restoration of forests are needed to prevent the loss of natural capital that underpins healthy economies and for the global economy to be on track to achieving a net-zero carbon world by 2050. Measurement and verification technologies such as Chloris’s platform could be the answer to the demand for creating trust and reliability within the growing carbon credits market.

Our guest speaker

Dr. Alessandro Baccini is co-founder and chief science officer at Chloris Geospatial and CSO and research professor at the Center for Remote Sensing at Boston University. He is a remote sensing scientist whose interests focus on the use of space satellite observations for the monitoring of carbon dynamics, land cover change and the effects of environmental change on the terrestrial carbon cycle.