Orbia leads and supports responsible value chains by committing to its operations, value-added solutions, communities, and people.


Orbia is a leading supplier of innovative solutions in the building and infrastructure, data communications, irrigation and chemicals industries. The company contributes to global development by delivering a large portfolio of products that contribute to intelligent cities and agriculture, helping prepare for the world of tomorrow. To achieve this, we are committed to responsible business growth, while complying with laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate, minimizing the risks of our processes and products, and creating shared value for societal progress.

We lead and support responsible value chains that work together to build a sustainable world. Our corporate strategy is to ensure profitable long-term business performance, while optimizing the use of natural resources so we can do more with less, promoting innovation for safe and valuable product development, fostering a customer-centric view, investing in our people and developing the communities in which we operate.

In doing so, we prioritize the following commitments:


The safety of Orbia employees, contractors, customers, and the surrounding community is our top priority. To support this goal, we strive not only to adhere to local and international applicable standards and regulations, but to implement enhanced process safety measures in our facilities wherever possible. We work passionately to enhance a culture of workplace safety and a shared sense of caring and responsibility for ensuring that no one is hurt. We promote the best environmental, health & safety practices within our business, and with our suppliers, contractors and customers, at the same time facing environmental challenges, addressing risks and mitigating our impact on the environment by:

  • Recognizing the shared interest and responsibility of our people and our communities in protecting the ecosystems surrounding our operations. We commit to working towards zero occupational injuries, illnesses, and environmental incidents.
  • Designing, operating and maintaining our facilities mindful of process safety and of the need to prevent incidents that could adversely impact people, property or the environment.
  • Transporting chemical substances in accordance with industry standards so as to avoid adverse health and environmental impact.
  • Using natural resources efficiently and transitioning to renewable energy.
  • Reducing the amount of waste generated at the source and decreasing emissions; while prioritizing those which represent the greatest potential risk to health or the environment.
  • Protecting water sources and reusing water wherever possible to reduce consumption.
  • Ensuring the appropriate management of industrial discharge.
  • Contributing to the protection and conservation of biodiversity and natural resources within the sphere of influence of our operations.
  • Improving our environmental, health and safety management practices.

Value Creation

Orbia aims to deliver strong financial performance by offering value-added solutions and diversifying into high-growth platforms through strategic investments that will grow the Company.


Orbia is committed to offering safe and high-quality products that improve people’s lives and contribute to addressing society’s sustainability challenges; adopting best practices and technologies to assure the quality and safety of our processes and products, while focusing on customer needs; and promoting responsible care commitments to minimize the risks throughout the lifecycle of our products by:

  • Driving innovation in our processes and solutions.
  • Achieving and maintaining the highest quality standards in products and services.
  • Promoting product stewardship.
  • Driving the development and introduction of safer, environmentally friendly alternatives to our raw materials and products.


Orbia is committed to sharing the benefits of the value it creates to society, especially to our surrounding communities, taking advantage of opportunities to create shared value projects by:

  • Maintaining a respectful, honest and thoughtful relationship with our surrounding communities through effective communication channels.
  • Investing and allocating resources to implement shared-value creation projects with communities to improve social progress and environmental care.
  • Sponsoring local employment and procurement at our facilities to allow the local communities to benefit from our growth.


Orbia is committed to strengthening our corporate culture and contributing to employee wellbeing and development opportunities while promoting human rights, volunteerism, diversity and inclusion by:

  • Fostering a culture that nurtures employee engagement, talent development and manifests our ethical values globally.
  • Promoting human rights and respect for diversity throughout our Company.
  • Empowering our people to make better and confident decisions in the workplace.
  • Encouraging our employees to volunteer, and in doing so, strengthen our corporate culture and contribute to the welfare of our society.
  • Embracing the richness of our many different cultures, mindsets and experiences, and recognizing that they add value to our company.

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