Community Complaints and Suggestions


Responding in a timely manner to claims or complaints will allow Orbia to properly manage its relations with its social environment, and thus produce a positive impact on its reputation.


This document is intended to provide guidance on the definition of the methodology utilized to address and follow up on complaints and/or suggestions filed by people or organizations residing close to the Orbia operation sites, as well as the parties responsible for these activities.


This Guide applies to all Orbia operation sites.


Community: Means a group of people and institutions that live and/or work in the geographical areas in which the company has its operations.

Complaint: Means a tool that allows us to learn about the concerns expressed by our stakeholders about a situation related to the company’s behavior that they believe affects their rights.

Suggestions: Mean recommendations made to improve behavior, as a useful tool that the company can utilize as an early warning system.

Responsible Parties and Communication Channels Utilized to File Complaints And Suggestions

Each operations site must appoint a local community relations manager and establish the communication channels that the neighboring people and organizations can utilize to file their complaints and suggestions. Although this person does not necessarily execute the specific actions, she or he is responsible for their follow up.

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