2020 Sustainability Report

This is Orbia’s 12th annual Sustainability Report covering the role we play in society and our impacts on people, communities and the environment.

At Orbia, we believe that advancing solutions to enhance the quality of life around the world delivers business success and social and economic value for all those connected directly and indirectly to our activities. Our purpose-led focus on addressing the world’s most pressing challenges drives our business agenda and our strategic approach to sustainability.


Leadership Perspective

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“It is not by accident that Orbia has set our purpose to advance life around the world and is embarking on an ambitious transformation journey to move the needle in solving the world’s greatest challenges.”

Juan Pablo del Valle
Chairman, Orbia

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“I must thank and pay tribute to Orbia’s 21,000+ employees who have worked hard to keep our operations running smoothly, our customers served and to meet demand for essentials in the health care sector.”

Sameer S. Bharadwaj
Chief Executive Officer, Orbia

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“I´m proud to share Orbia’s 12th annual Sustainability Report, covering the role we play in society and our impacts on people, communities and the environment.”

Cristina Gil White
Corporate Vice President, Sustainability, Orbia

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2020 Highlights

Climate Transparency

B score in CDP Climate Change (improved from D in 2019)


$61.5 million invested in R&D and completed first two Orbia Ventures investments

Data Communication

12% growth in data communications solutions to provide critical connectivity services during the pandemic in North America

Building & Infrastructure

Completed a new PlasticRoad pilot in Mexico made from 1,000 kilos of recycled plastic waste

Polymer Solutions

Meeting demand for stabilizers that support a circular economy Orbia invested $6 million to expand our UK stabilizer plant, built to environmental standards

Fluorinated Solutions

Launched a new refrigerant offering high cooling capacity and energy efficiency and a GWP which is 85% lower than comparable products

Precision Agriculture

Expanded Community Irrigation in India, now reaching 97,000 farmers enabling them to grow more with less

Communities Support

300,000 people wash hands daily thanks to Orbia's contribution to UNICEF in support of COVID-19 relief efforts

COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted life as we had known it across the world, and more rapidly than we could have imagined. Despite the challenges, at Orbia, we have remained grounded in our values and focused on our three priorities: keeping our people safe, supporting our communities and ensuring business continuity.

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Sustainability Approach

Our purpose-led focus on addressing the world’s most pressing challenges drives our business agenda and our strategic approach to sustainability.

Our approach rests on two pillars, supported by several action programs:

  • Delivering innovative, sustainable solutions that enhance the resilience of people, society and the planet

  • Acting in line with the highest standards of ethical conduct, accountability, responsibility and transparency

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Sustainable Solutions

Advancing life around the world, in line with global sustainable development priorities, requires a strong focus on science and technology, a culture of innovation that permeates all our business processes, and strong skills and capabilities in our areas of expertise. As a group of companies, with a team of more than 21,000 individuals, bound by a common purpose and a shared vision, we leverage all of this to deliver sustainable solutions in all our markets.

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Responsible Business

Everything we do at Orbia is grounded in a strong foundation of ethical conduct and responsible, accountable and transparent business practices. We recognize that trust in Orbia is dependent upon our trustworthy behavior and respect for the rights of all those we serve and engage with, and of the natural environment. We work to make values a foundational part of our culture, in the knowledge that values create value for all our stakeholders. As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, and as a firm supporter of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we strive to live up to these ethical standards every day.

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2020 Sustainability Report

Find out more about our commitment to sustainability in the 2020 Sustainability Report.

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ESG Data

Our reporting is aligned with key global standards and frameworks.

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