Partnering with Startups to Make an Impact at Scale

Mission and Vision

At Orbia, we aspire to establish an environment in which innovation can be systematically created and commercialized to deliver upon Orbia’s purpose in a human-centric way. We believe that with a collaborative effort with like-minded, purpose-driven innovators, we could all achieve great things and create an impact. We partner with innovative startups that operate within our focus areas, providing them access to our expertise, resources and wide network in order to introduce customer-centric solutions at a global scale.

Why partner
with us?

  • Opportunity to collaborate with a $7B multi-national company
  • Commercialization opportunities with our business groups
  • Access to unique domain expertise
  • Coordinated innovation ecosystem
  • No request for equity

Partner with us

The startups we love to partner with:

  • Address a global challenge that is within our areas of interest
  • Offer a unique technology or product with proven feasibility
  • Preferably post-seed investment
  • Ready to scale and looking for a strategic partner