Orbia Investor Day 2022

by Orbia | May 25, 2022

Orbia recently held its 2022 investor day event in Boston, opening with Juan Pablo del Valle Perochena (Chairman of the Board) and Sameer Bharadwaj (Chief Executive Officer) sharing an overarching view of Orbia’s strategic direction, financial targets and business group results and outlooks.

The event included updates from the leadership team covering key divisions and businesses, followed by an interactive panel where analysts could ask the leadership team questions.

Orbia is a company committed to advancing life around the world. With an integrated business model and portfolio, disciplined cost management and innovation acumen, Orbia is building from a strong foundation to maximize shareholder and stakeholder value. View the following video segments for a summation of Orbia’s performance today and the strategies that have been developed to propel the company forward to capture continued market share, with sustainability at the core.

Key Strategies:

    1. Harnessing the power of material science and innovation to serve customer needs, address world challenges and provide sustainable solutions.
    2. Investing in profitable growth, leveraging uniquely advantaged sector positions to bring differentiated solutions to market.
    3. Maximizing the value of integration across the company and the value chains we participate in.
    4. Creating value as good stewards of capital and disciplined operators.
    5. Delivering double-digit earnings growth and returns to shareholders through stable, growing dividends.


Continue below and watch each presentation video (4 hours in total) to learn more about Orbia, its purpose and its businesses.

Orbia Investor Day Presentation Videos



Gerardo Lozoya Latapi
Investor Relations Director

Josh Preneta
Corporate Vice President of Strategy


Chairman's Remarks

Juan Pablo del Valle Perochena
Chairman of the Board



We Are Orbia

Sameer Bharadwaj
Chief Executive Officer


Enabling a Sustainable Future

Tania Rabasa Kovacs
Corporate Vice President of Sustainability
and Corporate Affairs


Positioned to Grow in a Favorable Market Environment

Nick Ballas
Executive Vice President & President,
Polymer Solutions (Vestolit)


Positioned to Grow in a Favorable Market Environment

Gautam Nivarthy
Executive Vice President & President,
Polymer Solutions (Alphagary)


Building a Better Future

Maarten Roef 
Executive Vice President & President,
Building & Infrastructure (Wavin)


Growing More with Less

Gaby Miodownik
Executive Vice President & President,
Precision Agriculture (Netafim)


Enabling Advanced Connectivity

Peter Hajdu
Executive Vice President & President,
Connectivity Solutions (Dura-Line)


Mine to Market and Beyond

Gregg Smith
Executive Vice President & President,
Fluorinated Solutions (Koura)


Securing Future Growth

Shai Albaranes
Corporate Vice President
of Innovation & Ventures


Financial Outlook

Jim Kelly
Senior Vice President
and Chief Financial Officer


Closing Remarks

Sameer Bharadwaj
Chief Executive Officer

Juan Pablo del Valle Perochena
Chairman of the Board


Q&A Session, Part 1



Q&A Session Part 2