Koura Launches Klea 473A

by Koura | Feb 02, 2021

Boston, MA, USA February 2, 2021 – Koura, a global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of fluoroproducts, has today launched the first of its next generation low GWP refrigerants, Klea® 473A, following proposed classification as an A1 refrigerant by the ASHRAE SSPC34 committee.

Koura Klea® 473A is designed to achieve high performance with a significantly lower global warming potential (GWP) than existing refrigerants in ultra-low temperature cooling applications such as high-value cold chains, vaccine storage, climate test chambers, transportation and other medical uses.

Today, manufacturers and users of ultra-low temperature refrigeration systems are forced to choose between acceptable cooling performance and environmental impact. Existing nonflammable refrigerants used in ultra-low temperature systems typically have a high Global Warming Potential (GWP).  Koura Klea® 473A breaks the trade off with capacity and energy efficiency better than R23 and a GWP of 1,830, which lends an 85% reduction compared to either R23 (GWP 14,800) or R-508 (13,396 GWP).

Koura Klea® 473A is a game-changing solution to the ever-increasing demand for ultra-low temperature refrigerants across industries. Koura is currently in discussions with relevant stakeholders regarding Klea® 473A’s potential applications in deep sea shipping and biomedical storage, including potential usage in COVID-19 vaccine storage. 

Koura is investing in significant innovations in its Klea® portfolio of refrigerant products. The launch of Klea® 473A is the start of commercializing a range of sustainable, energy-efficient and low GWP solutions, with more products to come.

Dave Smith, Downstream Business Director at Koura, said, “The launch of Klea® 473A is an exciting milestone in our next-generation refrigerant program, which aims to develop a new portfolio of sustainable, energy-efficient, low GWP refrigerant solutions for a variety of heating, cooling and refrigeration applications.”

As part of the Orbia community of companies working together to tackle some of the world’s most complex challenges, Koura is a leading provider of essential products and solutions with applications across industries including petrochemicals, construction, automotive and pharmaceuticals. Koura’s Klea® refrigerant gases are trusted by some of the world's biggest organizations in the commercial refrigeration, automotive and stationary air conditioning verticals.  

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