Creating and Sustaining Value | The Orbia Story 2021

by Orbia | Nov 18, 2021

Creating and Sustaining Value | The Orbia Story in 2021

In our present times of unprecedented change and compounded challenges, businesses are hearing the call to evolve and better serve the world’s needs, now and for “the day beyond”. At Orbia, we have heard and we have listened. And building from our over 65-year history of material advances, we are today accelerating solutions that address critical issues touching lives and livelihoods, from water safety to food security; urban resilience to data access; clean transportation to human health.

These are six stories from Orbia’s community of businesses on what it means to create value sustainably. Though they cross six verticals and locations around the globe, they are united by the pursuit of our shared purpose to advance life around the world today, tomorrow, for good.

This video first premiered at Kaluz's K-Forum 2022, a leadership event for the Kaluz, S.A. de C.V. corporate family of companies.