Orbia Announces Rebrand of Fluorinated Solutions Business to “Orbia Fluor & Energy Materials”

by Orbia | Dec 20, 2023

BOSTON, December 20, 2023 – Orbia Advance Corporation S.A.B. de C.V. (BMV: ORBIA*) Fluorinated Solutions business group today announced a rebrand of its business group to Orbia Fluor & Energy Materials. The strategic repositioning reflects Orbia’s goals to align the business group more closely to the applications where it delivers current and next-generation solutions.

In addition to its industry-leading products within the refrigerants and medical propellant sectors, Orbia Fluor & Energy Materials under the commercial name Koura is focused on creating a sustainable future through materials that are enabling the global energy transition.

“Our business group name change fits with our continued evolution and common purpose to advance life around the world. We are proud to be part of steering a future that is run on renewables, as our expertise in fluorine technologies puts us in the driver’s seat for what’s ahead in electrification for both transportation and stationary applications,” said Sameer Bharadwaj, Chief Executive Officer of Orbia. Added Bharadwaj, “Fluor is essential in the raw material supply chain for virtually all modern battery and energy storage applications. Our access to it, material development acumen and applications expertise give us a truly differentiated position.”

Orbia’s Fluor & Energy Materials business has built momentum in recent years as a vital player in the battery market, achieving key milestones including a joint venture agreement with Solvay to create the largest polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) production facilities for battery materials in North America and a $100 million award from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop domestic manufacturing of electrolyte salts for electric vehicle batteries. Orbia is also focused on where fluorine is needed for advanced battery materials, including high-performance electrolyte additives, custom electrolytes, recycled and virgin graphite.

Said Gregg Smith, President of Orbia Fluor & Energy Materials, “We believe our new position more accurately captures our identity and vision for the future. We are committed not only to the production of fluorine but also the end uses that make a positive impact for the planet. As a global leader in fluorine and fluoroproducts, we at Orbia Fluor & Energy Materials are ready for the challenge of scaling our investments to support global needs across existing applications and ready to serve the rapidly-growing energy materials market for lithium-ion batteries”

Orbia Fluor & Energy Materials’ products are used in a vast range of applications including electric vehicles and energy storage, urban and rural infrastructure, indoor climate management, food and medicine refrigeration and even in treating respiratory conditions through the development of healthy and innovative low-GWP medical propellants for metered dose inhalers.