Empowering Communities With Data

Apr 13, 2020 by Elaine Cohen

A connected world is an empowered world. Access to connectivity and in turn, a world’s worth of vital information and data services is the key to sustainable development. Given present and anticipated growth in mobile technologies coupled with current movement toward 5G networks and IoT environments, Orbia’s Data Communications group is working on the front lines of creating what connects us infrastructurally and technologically.

“The data revolution has now become a mega-revolution. With progress towards 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) and all the other associated digital technologies, we are seeing an explosion in the use of data, and with it, a step-change in the need for efficient, future-fit data transport and connectivity infrastructures. That’s where we, at Dura-Line, are making a difference. Our data communications conduits and systems are bringing entire communities into a new digital world and at the same time, are enabling the increasingly rapid transition to a low-carbon future.”

- Peter Hajdu, President, Data Communications 

Revitalizing connectivity systems

To accommodate a present and future dependent on seamless, always-on access to data, Dura-Line is supporting infrastructure and network upgrade projects tor today’s roster of major U.S. telecommunications providers, in the midst of moving from copper to fiber optic cables; 4G to 5G networks. Over the course of 2019, Dura-Line shipped more than a half-billion feet of durable conduit to 300+ locations for installation projects by the power players, solidifying new infrastructure and fortifying pathways (inclusive of fiber rings around large cities) that will carry the world into a connected tomorrow.

In 2019, Orbia advanced several initiatives to connect and empower communities with data connectivity:

Providing safe and efficient technology for light rail expansions
Dura-Line pioneered in the introduction of Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) technology into the U.S. market. Through the 2019 Northgate Link Extension project with Seattle Sound Transit, Dura-Line used the quick install, remotely upgradable LSZH and plastic HDPE conduit to bring three new light rail stations online to serve up to an anticipated 49,000 daily riders by 2022.

Powering a local economy
To bring the power of broadband service to the remote community of Estes Park, Colorado, Dura-Line provided secure, high-speed expandable fiber access (and expanded opportunities) to 6,400 residents through using FuturePath Figure-8 Aerial 7-ways on existing power poles. With FuturePath’s functional connection capacity of seven pathways per installation, Estes Park long-awaited connectivity plan was realized safely and affordably too.

“The main reason we chose FuturePath is because there are seven pathways inside of one conduit. If you have FuturePath, you only spend time once to put it in the air - which involves permits and traffic control - and then you just go to a vault and push the fiber through.” Joe Lockhart, Line Superintendent, Estes Park Light and Power
Upgrading Denver airport’s connections
Connected flying into and out of the Denver International Airport is now possible without disruptions to operations or traveler experiences. Thanks to Dura-Line’s FuturePath, flexible control of pathway routing can happen in real time—and more than that, the FuturePath infrastructure undergirds an adaptable, sustainable system for 5G connectivity and easy, low-cost fiber upgrades.


Orbia’s Data Communications group is the only global manufacturer of communications conduit, as well as the largest conduit company in North America, having served the top-tier telecommunications companies for over four decades.

According to research published by the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) and Accenture Strategy in 2015, Information and Communications Technology can enable a 20% reduction of global CO2e emissions by 2030, holding emissions at 2015 levels.

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